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McMuffin the Nanny

McMuffin was totally exhausted last night after a long day of chasing her Jolly Ball, walking with her foster brother Reese, and swirling her anteater tongue in peanut butter filled Kongs, so we all decided it would be a perfect time to sit by the fireplace and chat about life.

Reese told McMuffin all about how he became the Resident Pitty Expert and we shared stories about dogs we had grown up with as kids that planted the seed for our love of all things canine.  But most interesting of all, at least to us, McMuffin gave us a peek into her past.

It turns out McMuffin, who also goes by the alias Muffin/Muffin Doodle Doo/McMuffster/McMuffinator/, had a very important job in her old home.  Not only was she the wise and loving older sister to two human kids (ages 2 and 5), but she was also the nanny for a day care!  As some of you may have heard, pit bull type dogs are often considered “nanny dogs” because they are so good with children (for more info about  pit bull type dogs, head over to Pit Bull Rescue Central).  From their chapter on “Breed Information:  Pit Bulls and People”, we learn:

Each year, the American Temperament Testing Society holds evaluations across the country for dog breeds and gives a passing score for the entire breed based on the percentage of passed over failed within total number of the particular breed tested. As of 2011, pit bull breeds achieved a combined passing score of 86.7 percent. To put these figures into context, the combined passing rate of all breeds was 83 percent. The Collie, an icon of obedience, passed at a rate of 79.9 percent, and the beloved Golden Retriever scored at 84.9 percent. As you can see, by these measures, the pit bull breeds make fabulous family pets!

And lucky for us, McMuffin is a perfect example that this is true!  She loves interacting with her two-legged human friends, and especially lights up when she sees youngsters coming her way.

Sadly, McMuffin’s first family had to move and could not bring her with them, but that doesn’t mean she forgot her expertise in being a nanny and looks forward to shaping the minds of America’s youth in the near future.  She would be amazing for a family with children.  In addition to that, she also thinks she has a future in working with children to help them read, through a program such as Reading Education Assistance Dog (READ).

McMuffin sure has ambitious plans, but from what we have seen from her there is no reason to believe she can’t accomplish her goals.  In the meantime, she is here waiting for her forever family to walk through the door and get her started on her next stage in life!


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2 thoughts on “McMuffin the Nanny

  1. hey ian … beth is active in the READ program if you want to get mcmuffin started!

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