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Sharing the warmth

Well, it only took one short week for all of us to fall in love with McMuffin.  She had Katie and I won over in just a few hours, but Reese has a much more thorough evaluation period before committing to a new friend.  Her hilarious enthusiasm, gentle kisses, and soulful stare had Katie and I under her spell almost instantly.  Reese, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure about this new chick hanging around all the time, sharing his toys, snuggling in his beds, and claiming her fair share of belly rubs and head scratches.

However, Katie and I maintained our program of slow baby steps to allow them more freedom together and we could see with each day Reese was growing more and more fond of his little pibble friend.  And late last night, after a wonderful day spent with our families, eating, drinking, and opening gifts … it happened.

Reese got all situated in his usual evening spot and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction.  As is often the case, McMuffin wandered over to check him out, give him a kiss on the forehead, and move along to her bed on the other side of the room.  But this night was different and as she approached, Reese gave her the nod of approval.  As carefully as she possibly could, McMuffin snuggled next to him being so careful not to bump him and ruin this rare invite.  After a few adjustments here and there, they both let out a deep exhale and Katie and I glanced over to see …

Thanks for the new blankets Grandma/Santa!

They happily snored next to each other the rest of the night.  And as many of you know, few things bring a smile to your face as quickly as a happy dog snoozing at your feet.

Big spoon and little spoon

Reese can be a little slow to warm up to a new dog, so after witnessing the ease with which McMuffin cast her loving spell on him … we are more confident than ever that she will have no problem fitting in with her forever family someday soon!


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