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The Gardener

We decided to spend some time outside the past few days to soak in the last sunny days before the long winter sets in.  As usual, McMuffin wanted to be a part of our day and show off one of her many talents.  See, the thing about McMuffin is, she is very complex and worldly …a renaissance woman if you will.  It’s like she has been saving all these fun secrets about her life and then springing them on us when we least expect it.

On this particular day, McMuffin decided to show off her green thumb.  Foster mom and I have been toying with the idea of maintaining a vegetable garden, however, we haven’t gotten very far.  Our raised bed garden was built with care and filled with the most nutritious soil … only to be left unseeded.  It now serves as the world’s most fertile weed square.  Enter McMuffin “The Gardener”.

Taadaaaaa ... McMuffin to the rescue!

She taught us all about the importance of proper seed distance, plant placement for avoiding excessive shade, slug deterrents, and watering schedules.  She even started on a pruning tutorial before she got distracted by the long blades of grass growing around the garden.

My oh my ... this tall fescue is delicious!

This is where today’s lesson ended.  McMuffin informed us that she loves the all you can eat salad/grass buffet in our yard and needed to snack for a while before continuing to share her pearls of wisdom.  Plus, teaching her foster parents is exhausting!

Time for our afternoon nap!

Is anyone out there looking for a live-in gardener?  McMuffin can’t wait to lend a paw with next season’s harvest!


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2 thoughts on “The Gardener

  1. I always thought this would be a fantastic skill. She is so attentive!

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