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Is pink my color?

We mentioned earlier that McMuffin has a very beautiful coat of fur.  It’s super soft and shiny.  Unfortunately, super soft and shiny don’t help fight the cold, wet rain.

McMuffin is a pretty easy-going girl that doesn’t need or ask for much besides a warm bed to snuggle in and a nice bone to chew on … but we did notice the envy in her eyes whenever her foster brother put on his outdoor gear.  So when we asked McMuffin what she might want from Santa this year, it didn’t come as much of a surprise that a jacket was high up on the list.  And lucky for McMuffin, Santa was listening!

Bring it on crappy winter weather!

We think she looks great, and she is clearly very happy.  However, once foster brother saw she was cashing in on “treats for poses” … he wanted in on the action.

Treats for poses!

They even took their act to McMuffin’s favorite spot by the stairs.  Here Reese shows off his talents by pulling of a flawless multi-stair balancing act.  Two treats for that one.

Come on camera ... spit out those candies!

McMuffin is thrilled with her new outfit and we definitely think pink is her color.


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6 thoughts on “Is pink my color?

  1. Pretty in Pink and what a handsome devil Reese is. Got treats??

  2. She looks so cute. The great thing about her coloring is she can look great in so many colors. We just got that same coat for fosterdog Big Bessie (in XXL!).
    Your McMuffin also looks so much like an Itty Pitty, named Lily, from our walking club. The one in grey coat and boots from this post:
    It’s your Chicago twin!

  3. Wow XXL! She sure is a beauty. Lily does look like a long lost relative of McMuffin … and that is so cool that you have a walking club!

  4. Allison Burrier on said:

    First of all McMuffin is such a sweetie! If we lived closer and didn’t already have 2 pits of our own, we would snatch her up in a second.

    Second, where did you get that snazzy outerwear for McMuffin? I had given up on buying any coats for our Olive Oyl because nothing seems to fit her, but McMuffin looks just her size.

    Thanks guys! I’m so excited about what you are doing, you’re amazing.

    Best, Allison

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