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Bowl Games

Could anything sound more fun than that?!?

Foster dad told us that it is “Bowl Season” with tons of “Bowl Games” and let me tell you … Reese and I could hardly contain our excitement!  I’m not gonna lie … neither of us had any idea what he was talking about but how could you go wrong with names like that.  Reese and I dreamed for days of glorious games involving treats, delicious kibble, hide and seek with bowls of peanut butter … you name it we thought of it.  All the while each day went by and we got the same kibble in the same bowls … no games included.

But finally, when we awoke this morning foster dad had an extra skip in his step and kept saying, “Ok kids, today is the day!  The big bowl game!”  I was so excited and wiggly I almost fell down the stairs.  Foster dad told us there were lots of preparations in order and we needed to gear up for the big day.  Let me tell you, this is NOT what we had in mind …

This sucks ... but if it leads to a "Bowl Game" I guess we'll live with it ...

This led to some songs about “victors” and “leaders and best” …

Dude ... this is so lame.

Then he told us to put our game face on because kickoff is just around the corner …

Bring it on Hokies ... you can't handle this!

Just a secret between you and me … Reese is a big joker and always makes faces at foster dad when he isn’t looking.  He made me promise not to tell … so please keep this between us.

Anyway … we can’t wait to find out what this “Bowl Game” is but until then we just keep following foster dad around and yelling “Go Blue!” to make him happy.


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6 thoughts on “Bowl Games

  1. They are so cute in those t-shirts!

  2. omg, the funniest yet … they couldn’t be sweeter … and i think they both deserve a trip to the ‘peanut butter bowl’!

  3. Adorable!!! I love your pictures!

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