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Exploring the vineyard

Foster mom and I got an invite to join some friends out in Virginia at their family vineyard for a relaxing New Year’s celebration this past weekend.  Reese loves heading out into the country but we weren’t sure how McMuffin would react to all the new people, long car ride, and change from her new routine.  Knowing how much fun it is out there and how well-behaved McMuffin is in our home, we decided to give it a shot and see how she did.  Boy are we happy we tried!

We filled the car with dog beds, food, and toys and started the voyage.  McMuffin was amazing in the car and hardly made a peep the whole time … content to take in the beautiful scenery and paint snot pictures on the windows.

Once we arrived, McMuffin immediately set out to explore the vineyard. Given her talent as a gardener, she couldn’t wait to give her assessment of the land.

This soil would be perfect for a nice Malbec!

I recommend a petit verdot for this area.

Reese is a bit lazier and prefers to relax while on vacation and just take in the sights.

After assessing the land, McMuffin decided it was time to get started on the daily chores.

Do you really need to ask ... of course I know how to work a clutch!

Come on Reese ... let's get this show on the road!

McMuffin was super well-behaved the entire trip and even made some new friends along the way.  We were really excited to discover her good manners in the car and ease around bigger crowds of new people.  Among her many other wonderful traits, we think this is a great reason that she will do well when she finds her forever family!

Check back tomorrow to see how McMuffin wound down the evening …


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