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Relaxing after a long day

After a long day working on the farm, McMuffin settled indoors with the human-folk to enjoy a nice evening.  This was the first time we had seen her interact in a new environment with a lot of unfamiliar faces running around and we were really curious to see how she behaved.

Reese is an excitable fellow that knows how to party hard … sometimes not being so great at laying down in his bed and keeping to himself while there are people around.  We like to think he considers himself The Entertainer, insisting on checking in with everyone to make sure they are enjoying themselves and aren’t in need of a pittie to cuddle with.  As soon as the guests leave … he zonks out … exhausted after all of his much needed “entertaining”.  Knowing this, we thought it might be a bit of a handful with two pitties running the party.  To our surprise, as we transitioned indoors McMuffin took over and ran the show … but not exactly the way we were anticipating.  Turns out … McMuffin is more of a chill, hang out type of personality and it rubs off on everyone!  She set the mood with a little nap to warm up by the fire …

Ain't no party like a pittie party!

Everyone was amazed at her ability to kick back and catch a few snores with so much activity in the room.  I guess this goes back to her days as a nanny … where you really have to be able to grab a quick nap no matter what is going on in the background.  She loved being by the warm fire and even tried out a few spots to find the best setup … everyone thought her full sprawl was the funniest … she even crossed her back legs!

New yoga pose ... napping dog

Not to come off as a party pooper … she did join in for some games …

All right let's do this ... a little Wii tennis never hurt anyone!

But the best part of the whole night for foster mom and foster dad was seeing her influence on Reese.  Usually fidgety and pacing around all night, he learned from McMuffin that you can’t always be The Entertainer.  Sometimes, you just gotta lay back and enjoy the fire …

Happy new year all you party animals!

All in all it was a great weekend.  McMuffin not only behaved wonderfully … she also taught Reese about appreciating the finer things in life.  She can’t wait to find her perfect forever family that is looking to adopt a pittie who is perfectly behaved in the car, loves to relax in a room full of people, so calm that it rubs off on other dogs, and is awesome at Wii tennis!


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3 thoughts on “Relaxing after a long day

  1. and the score is love love!

  2. Love the yoga pose! Good job McMuffin!

  3. Joanie Hoffman on said:

    If only she was okay with a cat and a little dog. sigh.

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