Running with Squirrels

fostering dogs that need it most

Stick Monsters

If there is one thing McMuffin loves to do, it’s regulate on some stick monsters. Some dogs are born with a natural instinct to herd sheep … McMuffin was born with a natural instinct to de-stick yards. Lucky for her, our yard has plenty and business is good.

She starts out by surveying the territory from a discreet location …

Once the target stick monsters have been spotted, she begins her silent approach …

And just when the stick monsters least expect it … its McMuffin time!

She likes to wear her superhero cape when the yard de-sticking gets really serious ….

No stick monster is safe from the McMuffinator!

Sometimes she even calls in her trusty partner Reese for backup …

Is that what I think it is???

The hive!

And after a long days work, nothing beats a little congratulations from foster mom on a job well done.

“Stick free is the way to be!” – McMuffin


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