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Crouching Tiger Hidden McMuffin

As foster dad sat down to enjoy his morning cup of coffee and catch up on some of his favorite dog blogs the other morning, he had a sudden urge to give McMuffin a nice head scratch.  Reading about all of the wonderful pitties out there living with loving families and embracing their second leases on life usually has this effect.  However, on this particular morning as foster dad reached down, McMuffin was not in her usual napping spot next to his chair.  “This is odd”, foster dad thought.  “Where could she be?”

He glanced down at her bed … no McMuffin.

He wandered into the kitchen …  no McMuffin.

He gave a little whistle and waited for her to come check in … no McMuffin.

He wandered into the bedroom …

no McMuffin ... or is there?

It was indeed laundry day and there just so happened to be a nice warm batch of fresh scented laundry tossed on the bed waiting to fold itself.  And what did he see in this pile of nice CLEAN laundry?

It turns out McMuffin is a true expert at seeking out warm laundry … and when she finds it, she snuggles and hides to avoid detection.

Would you be able to evict this sweet face from her nest?

Yeah … me neither.


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4 thoughts on “Crouching Tiger Hidden McMuffin

  1. hahaha – That’s Muffin.

  2. Warm laundry is the best!

  3. i enjoyed the post about training your dog to run with you … but now can you post a lesson on training your laundry to fold itself?!? haha …

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