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Rainy Day Pit-Wash

We’ve got the rainy day blues going on here, but the pups did such a good job watching the house while foster mom and dad were at work that we couldn’t deny them an evening stroll around the hood.  They both do well in the rain (better than their human leash holders) which is nice in a way because you don’t have to beg them to go out for a bathroom break when it is raining.

When we first rescued Reese he was terrified of the rain (and wind, running water, leaves, shadows, basically you name it) but came around eventually and realized it’s not so bad after all.  One thing he has certainly inherited from his mom, however, is a desire to be spick-and-span at all times.  As soon as we get back from any sort of wet or dirty outdoor activity, Reese immediately tasks himself with cleaning any possible residual mess from his coat.  McMuffin doesn’t necessarily have this same desire to be obsessively clean, and it drives Reese and foster mom crazy.  After tonight’s wet walk … they set up a pit-washing station to show her how it’s done.

First, Reese starts off by cleaning her back …

Ummm ... is he serious with this?

Then, he moves on to the worst offenders of all … the feet …

Dude that's nasty.

This is followed by a little self-cleaning shake cycle …

And now on to the towel dry portion of the procedure …

And in the end you have one dry, pampered pittie ready for a treat … doesn’t she look thrilled!

Neat freaks ... man, what is their deal?


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2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Pit-Wash

  1. hahaaha, I love it! Good job Reese! You keep your foster sister squeaky clean. 🙂

  2. i don’t know, mc muffin, but i sympathize with you … i live with one too …

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