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Zoo Dance

After a long work week, foster mom and dad look forward to relaxing a little bit and winding down.  The zoo (our affectionate name for the Reese/McMuffin tag team), on the other hand, sometimes has other ideas.  See the thing is, Friday means foster mom and dad will be home for a few days to hang out and this is VERY exciting.  While we relax with a cold drink, they do a little pre-weekend celebration dance.

The dance starts out with a bow to your partner …

And immediately transitions into the chase scene …

Then, it shifts into the more dynamic, break dance …

Followed by a real crowd favorite, bitey-face …

Flawlessly transitioning into the slow dance/make out portion of the dance …

Sometimes they forget the next steps and have to pause to regroup, but we are a forgiving audience and don’t hold it against them …

We usually ask for an encore when the dance is over, but find them backstage in their usual positions instead …


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One thought on “Zoo Dance

  1. I love the zoo dance! Ours like to incorporate the classic “Tug-a-lug” and “Steal the toy” moves in as well. 🙂

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