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Hates Dieting, Loves Heat

McMuffin has been keeping up her end of the New Year’s resolution bargain.  Just like the crowds of people that flood the gym the first few weeks of January and swear to get that bathing suit body ready to go, she has decided to trim a few pounds.  As part of the deal, she promised to exercise every day with her foster brother in the yard and walk around the neighborhood at least once a day.  All that she asked of foster mom and dad was to help watch her portion control and make sure she had healthy food to eat.  We tried to tell her she might not like it but once we promised, there was no turning back.  McMuffin insisted that she wouldn’t get grumpy and hold it against us … so a pact was made.  Here she is fresh off her early morning workout …

Geez those lunges are no joke ... time for an egg white omelette with wheat toast!

Fast forward 3 weeks and McMuffin is looking great.  She gets compliments everywhere she goes on her slim figure and we are really proud of her.  Problem is … McMuffin is over it.  She couldn’t care less about all the hoots and hollers she gets walking down the street, or the way she slides right into her once tight-fitting clothes.  It’s cold outside and she wants to pack on the pounds with a nice Big Mac on the couch.  But guess what McMuffin … a promise is a promise!

She has now found her favorite spot in the house to stage a protest.  Each day she engages in a silent sit-in to make sure we recognize her discontent.

CLEAR food bins! Give me a break, I can SEE it in there ... this is torture.

Yeah, we see you sticking your tongue out at us you little stinker!

We laugh because McMuffin strategically placed her protest spot right next to a heat vent and, as coincidence may have it, she hears the heat turn on and runs to the rally point to begin her sit-in.  But, no matter how long she manages to “Occupy Kitchen Food Corner”, we keep reminding her that a deal is a deal.

We must say, she is a persistent little one and will stay there for quite some time … but we also have caught her falling asleep on the job …


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6 thoughts on “Hates Dieting, Loves Heat

  1. hahaha – She does love the warmth…and her food. There’s no questioning what she’s thinking, that’s for sure.

  2. I protest diets too….I don’t blame her one bit! Solidarity, sister!

  3. Baxter’s absolute favorite spot in the whole house is curled up next to the space heater in my room. when we sleep in on the weekends i wake up to him stretching and rolling over and being a total ham because he is in toasty heaven. must be a black pittie thing!!

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