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Kreativ Blogger Award!

We were super-pumped to get a shout out from our friend at Peace, Love & Fostering when they passed on the Kreativ Blogger Award to us!  We’ve had a ton of fun following her fostering adventures (go check our her current foster Comeback Kid Baxter, we’ve met him and he is a PERFECT pup!) and especially admire her work as a fundraiser and donor to one of the local humane societies.

The way this award works is that we have to write ten new tidbits about ourselves and then pass the award along.  Since we are new to the blogging world, we think this is a really great way to introduce ourselves outside of the dog fostering theme.  Here goes!

1.  We were recently married this summer at Sugarloaf Mountain.  We were so lucky to be surrounded by our family and friends on a beautiful summer evening!

Photo courtesy of Liz Hough Photography

2.  We are both finishing up graduate school at the University of Maryland.  Foster dad is studying bioengineering and works full-time as an engineer for the Department of Defense.  Foster mom is studying school psychology and currently interning with a local county public school system.

3.  We met while studying abroad in Alcala de Henares, Spain (a small town just outside of Madrid) in 2003.

4.  Foster dad looks forward to sitting back with a delicious beer and has turned this activity into a homebrewing hobby.  His favorite beers are American IPAs but is willing to give anything a try!

5.  We are both addicted to travel.  Our most recent trip was to Belize and it was amazing!  We spent some time in the rainforest (hiking, exploring caves, a rafting down rivers) and then moved on to the beach for some relaxation.

6.  We recently moved into our first home and have spent a lot of time making it ours.  We just finished renovating our first bathroom and have fully caught the DIY bug!

7.  Foster mom believes chocolate is its own food group and can never turn down a Reese’s peanut butter cup or Lindt truffle.

8.  We both love to hike and volunteer as trail rangers with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

9.  In a previous job, foster mom had to dress up like a clown and pirate.  The things you will do to build your graduate school resume!

10.  Our favorite place for vacation is the beach in Delaware.  We have been going there with our families since we were in diapers and try to visit any chance we get.  We especially enjoy the off season when we can bring the dogs!

Photo courtesy of Liz Hough Photography

Not only are we totally new to the blog writing world … but we are also brand-new to the blog reading world and have been amazed by how many inspirational, creative, funny, and talented people that are sharing their lives in their blogs.  We started out following blogs related to our wedding planning and have since moved on to the dog fostering blog world.

A ton of our favorites have been given this award previously (duh, like I said earlier they are inspirational, creative, funny and talented!) but here are a few we enjoy and think are very deserving (apologies to any blog we left off because we thought you already got the award!):

Liz Hough Photography – By far the best photos on our blog are courtesy of her amazing work.  She has a great eye for photography and is an awesome person to work with as well.  We also think it is really cool that she spends some of her time teaching others about the world of photography!

Married with Dawgs – We are super jealous that she has been able to follow her dream and start her own business doing what she loves!  Eco-friendly and a dog-lover … what more do you need to go check out her blog?!?  Plus, their pack of pups is awesome too!

Waiting Between Trains – This is a fellow Jasmine’s House foster blog that does a fantastic job prepping their fosters for finding a forever home.  Their current foster Poppy is a total rock star and we love learning about their adventures in fostering!

Pittieful Love – A wonderful blog about their lives as pittie owners and foster parents!  They are located in the Baltimore area and have done so much great work finding deserving dogs their forever homes.  They have had some beautiful fosters pass through their doors, most recently an adorable little girl Ava!


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10 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award!

  1. We learned about your blog form Peace Love & Fostering. It is so great to learn more about you!

  2. Congratulations! I know our family has fun following your blog.

  3. Congrats on your award – I am in grad school too, so it’s always nice to meet another blogger who is going through the same hectic schedule as I am and making fostering work with it! 🙂

    And I am super curious to know what job made you dress up like a clown and a pirate!

    • It certainly has its moments of stress! But actually we find, more often than not, fostering brings a kind of mental vacation from the real world and it’s really nice to sit back, laugh, and become absorbed in something other than studying deadlines.

      Might the story of clowns and pirates come out in a future blog post??? We shall see …

  4. Thanks so much for passing this on and for your kind words!

  5. Thanks for the award! 🙂 Well wow… we really have a ton in common … I can’t wait to share and tell you just how much!

  6. cool … looking forward to reading it!

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