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So close you can almost taste it

Ahh … the life of a dog.  Lounging on the couch, having live-in chefs to prepare all your meals, plenty of time to relax outside and daydream in the sun without a care in the world … until … the couch steals your bone.  And when it happens … your world is rocked.

Crap ... Mom ... Dad ... the couch stole our bone again!

At this point Reese’s instincts kick in and he knows that the only way to solve this problem is to take matters into his own paws and devise a plan whine like a little baby until someone gets it out for him.

McMuffin, on the other hand, is super-smart and likes to solve puzzles.  First, she surveys the situation from all angles.

ohmmmm ... come to McMuffin!

Her psychic powers are still a work in progress, so sometimes she has to resort to some good ol’ fashioned hard work.

Come on Reese ... give me a push you lazy bum ... I'm almost there!

And with a little teamwork, they are usually able to outsmart the couch and reclaim their prized bone.  And if not … at least the couch provides a nice cozy place for them to relax until Reese’s method works!


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10 thoughts on “So close you can almost taste it

  1. My favorite maneuver is when the pups try to get something out from the bottom of the couhch!

  2. hahaa … at our house, gracie hides the toys under the couch and watches mom and dad crawl under to fish them out!

  3. Hurley usually tries to overturn furniture when it’s in the way of something he wants. That or he tries Reese’s method if said furniture is too heavy.

  4. Is it lame that I read your post title like the Natasha Bedingfield song, so I totally expected the next line to be “FEEL THE RAIIIN ON YOOOOOUR SKIN!” and then have the post be about playing in the rain. Yep. Typing it out confirms it – it was totally lame.

    Ginger Rogers always employed Reese’s whining method, Turk just loses interest until I pull it back out months later, and Rufus is small enough to retrieve toys under any furniture, so he just taunts the other dogs with his treasure trove under the couch!

  5. So funny. Zoe is also quite skilled at losing bones underneath the couch. And even if she has two of the exact some bone, she will fixate on the one underneath the couch until we retrieve it for her. For a dog with such a short attention span, she can be very focused when she wants to be!

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