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one cool thing about icy snow

McMuffin certainly isn’t the biggest fan of this icy snow we have covering the ground.  First, it is way cold on her little paws when she has to go out in the morning.  Second, it means she can’t play fetch with her lacrosse ball because it is impossible to find.  Third, no romping around in the backyard with her buddy Reese because the ice cuts their feet when they run fast.  So really, is there anything to like about this cold, slippery stuff?

McMuffin, forever the optimist, has decided there is!  Because you can’t tell what is under the icy snow anyway, she can pee wherever she wants outside … even if it is on the deck right outside the door!

Thanks for moving the loo closer to the door!

Foster mom, foster dad, and foster brother Reese aren’t very enthusiastic about this new discovery … but have to admit it is kinda funny.  Here’s to a few cleansing rain storms in the near future!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the thrilling, must see sequel to this adventure …


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7 thoughts on “one cool thing about icy snow

  1. Rufus and Turk pee on the deck when its cold out, too! So gross!!

  2. Donna Devereux Mosher on said:

    Love Mc Muffin! I really would love to have her join our family but since losing my Mugsy 6 months ago (and my taking it so hard)my husband doesn’t want me to adopt another for awhile.
    It’s killing me!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Mugsy … it sounds like you had a great bond and he/she had a wonderful life.

      When the time is right, I hope you will be able to find a new pup to bring into your family and start a new adventure. It’s amazing how much of an impact dogs make in our lives.

  3. Hahah Havi does this too! The second we get outside, shes done!

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