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Smushed or comfortably resting on top?

There is a great debate ongoing here at Rancho Foster.  The topic … how to utilize a pillow for optimal snooze comfort.  Reese and McMuffin have completely different approaches to their pillow placement and can’t seem to agree one way or the other.  We have done our best to moderate the debate by weighing a number of factors in an effort to come to a scientific conclusion.

Factor #1:  Shortest time from laying down to sleeping.

This one goes to McMuffin … her technique yields the quickest transition from initial resting of the head to sleep, by far.

Factor #2:  Deepest sleep.

Reese wins this one in a close competition … although it takes him a little longer to get situated, once he has found the right pillow placement there is no interrupting his state of snooziness.

Factor #3:  Funniest snoring noises.

Reese takes this one in a total landslide … the snoring induced by his smushed technique is unrivaled by any other pillow placement.

Factor #4:  Minimizing drool.

McMuffin takes the cake … her position results in a nearly drool free post-nap pillow, which can’t be said for the drooly evidence left by Reese after his deep slumber.

So, as you can see, it came out in a tie.  But in reality, we decided everyone wins when naps and pillows are involved.  Mostly because it usually means foster mom or dad walk into a room and are lured in for a little relaxing pittie snuggle no matter what technique is on display.


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3 thoughts on “Smushed or comfortably resting on top?

  1. Too cute, I just laughed!

  2. I just love their sweet sleepy faces!

  3. Adorable! Our dogs mostly use each other and us as pillows, comfortably resting their heads on top of another warm, snoozing body.

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