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Teaching by doing

McMuffin has a little bit of a phobia when it comes to being confined to her crate.  For many years, when her people left the house she was in charge of making sure there wasn’t any funny business going on in their absence.  Over time, McMuffin became somewhat of an expert and when she came into our home she absolutely did not understand how we could leave the house and not ask her to monitor the situation.  When we explained that she should just hang out in her crate while we were gone, she was not impressed with this arrangement.

After a few short trial periods, we decided to let her roam the house while we are gone.  It has worked out great so far, however, we are still working on teaching McMuffin that being in her crate for a little while is a good thing.  She isn’t buying it.

Lucky for us, foster brother Reese is an expert at speaking pibble and has volunteered to help.  He has agreed to show McMuffin that crates are actually pretty cool and fun to nap in.  Here he is dutifully showing her how to conquer her fear …

Unfortunately, McMuffin doesn’t seem too interested in learning this lesson and prefers to observe from a more familiar, comfortable location …


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6 thoughts on “Teaching by doing

  1. Joanie Hoffman on said:

    That’s funny. My little dog was crate trained but I let him have run of the house and after a few accidents, he’s doing fine. The cat, however, loves to sleep in the open door crate. BTW, I love your blog.

  2. I love that her head is on the pillow…Turk always manages to arrange the pillow or blanket or whatever so he can rest his head on it. That always cracks me up.

    Good luck with the crate training – our first foster, Ginger Rogers, was having none of it. No amount of frozen Kongs or hot dogs could convince her that the crate was the “cool place” to hang out when foster mom and dad were gone.

  3. Glad to hear she’s doing well with free reign. I’m quite certain the agenda for most of the time is naps for she and Reese.

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