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Wheelbarrow Spaceship

First, I’ll start out with a little aside.  Why is it spelled “wheelbarrow” when everyone calls it a wheelbarrel?  Be honest, how many of you had no idea it was spelled “wheelbarrow” and we all just pronounce it incorrectly.  Just me … well then now I feel stupid (and I also don’t believe you all knew it)!  Moving on …

So the weather was beautiful this past Monday and I decided to get a head start on prepping the yard for Spring.  Not too much work to be done, but there were a ton of sticks all over the place (carefully dissected into a million little pieces by my Pittie Stick Chompin’ Crew) and some dirt to be moved.  As I gathered my tools to dig in, I noticed a strange absence around me.  Usually when I am out in the yard the pups are by my side, hoping a few treats will magically fall out of my pocket when I am bending and leaning.  At that moment, however, it was just me all alone.  Strange.

Well, it didn’t take long to find the two space cowboys off on their own adventure.

YEEEEEHAWWW ... check this thing out brudder!

“Where do you think the Kong dispenser button is?  I mean … something this awesome DEFINITELY has a built-in Kong dispenser, right?!?”

“Hold on, hold on … I think I see it!”

“Come on sisser … you are waaaayyyy to slow.  Let me in there so I can fly this thing!”

“Yeah right … you don’t know how to fly this spaceship.”

“Wanna bet … look at these ears … I can fly anything with these Dumbo wings!”

And so went on the amazing Wheelbarrow Spaceship Adventure.  It reminded me of little kids that end up playing with the cardboard boxes that all the expensive toys came in rather than the toys themselves.  These little dudes have like 25 Kongs, 13 Jolly Balls, an infinite number of Nylabones, lacrosse balls, Chuck It balls, tug toys, and all they want to do is fly to the moon in their wheelbarrelbarrow!

dogs make our lives better

It’s been especially hectic here at The Ranch the past few days, with foster mom away at a conference and foster dad trying to juggle a few too many work/school/house/life projects.  Fortunately, the weekend came just in time and things slowly clicked back to the normal routine.

When I walked down the hall to get my cup of coffee, Reese and McMuffin had assumed their traditional morning positions.  Suddenly, I had a strong urge to join them for a little peaceful morning relaxation.  Rather than rushing off to the kitchen to get the day going, I took a plop down on the stairs and sat in the sun … not thinking about anything.

Alright if I toast my buns in the February sun with you for a minute, baby girl?

Nothing would make me happier foster dad ...

At moments like this, when everything is going 100 mph and you can feel the stress levels rising, there is nothing better than taking a little mental vacation to doggie daydream land.  And the great thing about it is it’s a two way street, because not only do I benefit from some much-needed relaxation … but I can assure you the only thing McMuffin likes more than a morning sun bath, is a morning sun bath with a little head scratch.

Foster Mom’s 5 Favorite Things About McMuffin

Foster Dad and I like to list our favorite things about Reese and McMuffin and are constantly finding new endearing traits. So here are my top 5 favorite things about McMuffin:

#5 … she has cute white paws and her toenails alternate white/black/white/black:

#4 … she tilts her head up and barks  talks to you when she’s excited for breakfast and when you get ready to take her for a walk.  It’s more of a raspy howl than a bark … and sometimes it has a hint of wookie.

#3 … she sits right next to me for “girl time” when I dry my hair in the mornings … I also think she likes the warmth of the hair dryer.  It’s similar to her love of sitting next to the heating vent when the furnace kicks on.

#2 … she loves her foster brother Reese and cuddles with him every chance she gets.

#1 … she is by far … hands down … the ULTIMATE cuddle bug! I’m telling you, this girl is a professional.  She’ll nuzzle next to you and it’s hard to ever want to get up from that spot!

Rubber Ducky

“Rubber Ducky, you’re the one … you make bathtime lots of fun!” Remember that great kids song? We can’t say that was quite the sentiment at our house this past weekend. It was McMuffin’s first bath at Rancho Foster and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. But … she did a fantastic job and stayed in the tub for treats.

Then it was Reese’s turn, and McMuffin was very curious about Reese’s bath experience …

Reese are you in there?

Look out ... I'm coming in to check on my brudder.

You doin' okay in there brudder? If you stay in the tub, they'll give you treats.

Now they are not so sure about that shiny white room called the ‘baffroom’ …

Psst ... Reese next time let's run when we see the towels and soap!

Neighborhood Watch

We moved into our new home about a year and a half ago … and fell in love with the large windows around our front door. They let in so much beautiful natural sun light. Reese also fell in love with the windows … but for a different reason. He figured out that by sitting on our landing he could watch as people walked past the house on their way to school or the neighborhood pool. It’s also the perfect spot to sun himself on a bright weekend morning.

When friends walk by the house Reese will give them a few barks to greet them and will peer out the window to get a better look. Since McMuffin is learning by observing here at Rancho Foster … we now have two pibble friends who are on neighborhood watch.

Muff this is the perfect place to spot neighborhood shenanigans

Since McMuffin is smaller than Reese … sometimes she has to switch spots to get a better view …

No worries brudder ... I can spot them from here!

She’s starting to resemble one of her famous crime fighting ancestors …

Toasty Buns

I always think it’s funny to observe as a new dog figures out their routine when they come into an unfamiliar house.  You can see the wheels turning as they blend old habits with the new surroundings to make them feel comfortable.  It’s also pretty amazing to watch as the new dog mimics the old dog to make sure they are following the “house rules” and being the perfect little buddy for their humans.

McMuffin has done an absolutely awesome job fitting in with our family and it really makes us happy to see her so well acclimated.  Even more importantly, it gives up hope that when her forever family comes calling McMuffin will enjoy a similar transition into their home and fill the role as a perfect pittie in their family.

All these thoughts came to mind the other morning as I wandered down the hallway for my morning coffee.  There was McMuffin, soaking in the rays of the winter sun …

When I turned the corner to capture another picture, she checked in with Reese to make sure this was an okay thing to do on a lazy Sunday morning …

It's alright to calmy toast my buns in the sun ... right brudder?

And she was thrilled to see Reese doing the same thing … giving her confidence that she is doing just fine.

Toast away little McMuffin ... I'm working on my tan lines over here too.

And there they spent the morning … soaking in the February sun.

Sleeping on the Job

Busy few days here at the Ranch … millions of things going on and foster mom and dad are exhausted … we asked McMuffin and Reese to lend us a paw with the blog but it looks like they  have the same work policy as our friend Lucy Lou from Our Waldo Bungie

Geez Reese ... napping is so tiring!

Amen to that ...

In the mean time we will march on … it’s … almost … Friday …

Mid-February Heat Wave

We are having some ridiculous weather here in Maryland.  One day it’s freezing cold and snowing … with the next day sunny and hot.  McMuffin has adapted a routine to combat these drastic fluctuations.  For those cold and windy days, the duck and cover is her position of choice …

On those warm and sunny days, she prefers the ready for action pose …

She likes these days the most and shows off her biggest smile after taking advantage of a nice afternoon romp in the sun …

Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day from our pitties to yours!


McMuffin and her stud muffin

Grammy Red Carpet

Inspired by all the outrageous outfits from the Grammy’s last night, McMuffin decided to debut her new hoodie couture.

She loves the fact that not only does she look stunning … but this gown also doubles as the ultimate nap wear.

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