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Epic Tug

As part of his birthday celebration, Reese got a few new toys from his Grandma.  She has a knack for picking out stuff he loves and certainly did not disappoint this time!  As soon as she walked in the door with her package of surprises, Reese knew something was up.  And when he combines Grandma with the “something’s up” feeling, he usually ends up the big winner.

After some unwrapping, he was off to the races in the backyard to show off his new prize!

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks Grandma ... you da bomb!

But this time, there is a new variable at Rancho Foster … adoptable and lovely McMuffin aka “The Party Crasher”.

That's a pretty sweet rope ball there Reese ... do you mind if I just uhhhhh ... borrow it for just a sec ... I'll give it right back.

Naturally, Reese had some reservations about her sincerity.

Listen here girlfriend ... this is MY rope ball ... from MY Grandma!

Not one to give in easily, McMuffin broke out her patented Elvis lip shake move …

Oh yeah ... well what about if I dooooooo THIS .... HAI-YA!

You come in here with your cute little squinty eye and your impressive ability to cuddle ... you chew on my bones ... you sleep in my beds ... but this, this here is going TOO FAR sister ...!

After an impressive test of will and endurance … Reese was successfully able to enjoy his birthday rope ball all to himself!  Of course, we all know McMuffin will regroup and be ready for Round 2 at any moment …

I know you're out there McMuffin ... I know you're out there ...


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3 thoughts on “Epic Tug

  1. I definitely needed that laugh today! Thanks!

  2. glad the toys were such a success! we had a great time visiting with the grandpups! oh, and foster mom and dad too! hahaha …

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