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couch potatoes

“The Zoo” loves the couch.  Not only do they love it, but they are also constantly trying to determine the best ways to claim their favorites spots.  It usually starts out with them racing to see who gets the corner spot.

You snooze you lose brudder ... corner spots are soooo comfy!

Whatever dude ... I'm just fine right over here.

Ok scoot over ... I need some pillow action.

Oh yeah, watch this ... I claim partial corner and bed!

What a couple dorks … but they make us laugh!


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3 thoughts on “couch potatoes

  1. Sadly, dogs aren’t allowed on our couches but it sure looks comfy!

  2. This is actually a recent development. We used to have a no dogs on the furniture rule but fell victim to the “poor me” puppy eyes. Now they are allowed on just this couch. I first thought it would be really hard to train them that all other furniture is still off limits, but fortunately they picked it up almost instantly.

  3. I love reading these different blogs

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