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Taste the Rainbow

McMuffin has a confession to make … she is a hoarder.

She loves playing with toys and with so many options to choose from, she spends most of the day wandering around making sure to spend an equal amount of time with each of her favorites.  However, all this wandering makes her sleepy, so she has developed a new strategy.  Prior to settling in for a little play session on her bed, McMuffin will make a loop around the house and carefully select which toys she would like to take with her.  Usually, there is an overall theme to her selections.  One day, she will gather her favorite nylabones.  The next, some lacrosse balls.  This morning, however, she was feeling especially cheerful and decided to concentrate on her rainbow assortment.

This way she can lay in one spot but still have available options to diversify her play sessions.  It’s pretty hilarious to watch her get everything gathered and organized, and once all the tools are in their places she settles in for the long haul.


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9 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow

  1. Jennifer on said:

    McMuffin is adorable. Her hoarding story made my day and it’s not even 8am yet! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Thats too funny! I think it must be fun to watch! Cute McMuffin!

  3. Fedelia on said:

    Fantastic story!!! McMuffin seems like she has quite the personality!!! Too cute!

  4. Svannah on said:

    She is one smart pup! 🙂 I would love to see this in action some time. 🙂

  5. Poppy does the same thing, she looks like a busy little bee!

  6. I love McMuffin!

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