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The indestructible toy?

We’ve been on a quest here at Rancho Foster to find toys that last more than 5 seconds.  “For powerful chewers” … puhlease.  “Guaranteed to last” … yeah right.  “The last chew toy you’ll ever buy” … from your company maybe.

McMuffin and Reese are passionate about their toys and like to weed out the cheapos right from the beginning with their own field test.  Although we never expected this football to last … 0.007 seconds was still a surprising demolition time.

Here is her favorite blue ball after a short little play session.

See ya Jolly Ball ...

And you can add to the long list with nylabones, any color Kong, etc …

However, we may have found a new record holder.  This Jolly Ball has lasted 2 weeks and doesn’t show even the slightest sign of wear.

With lasting performance like this it may reach “lacrosse ball” status on the indestructible scale!


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8 thoughts on “The indestructible toy?

  1. Havi can destroy anything! Its a talent, really..

  2. Indestructible? – surely you jest. bahahaha

  3. I’ve found a couple of good ones since I have a pit mix that has powerful chewing jaws…lol. I found a couple great brands besides black kongs that holds up really well, the tough, round balls from orbee (nothing applied to them like upraised stuff though – that gets destroyed). And JW Pet Toys, only some of them though… little creatures with feet hold up pretty well and the strange helix sphere as well as a couple other of their balls. Can be found at and and (Squaker in the later goes pretty quickly, but rest stays intact!)

  4. Have you tried West Paw Design toys? The Tux is their toughest, followed by Hurley (no relation) and then our personal favorite, the Bumi.

    They also have a replacement guarantee – if your dog destroys them, contact them and they’ll send you a one-time replacement. I find most people get enough play out of these toys that they never use the guarantee but it’s great to know that it’s there.

    I wrote a post on my shop’s blog about finding the perfect toy…can’t promise anything’s indestructible but there are tons of options for engaging your dog with various toys and minimizing the destruction.

  5. “Indestructable?” What’s that?

    About the only thing we’ve found that lasts any serious amount of time are antlers. They dogs love ’em and they don’t make a mess like some other bones out there. The down side is that they can be expensive, but they DO last a long time.

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