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Muggin’ like Zoolander

Reese has a bit of a split personality when it comes to being famous.  Behind close doors in the comfort of our home he is a sweet, sensitive, goofy dude that loves to wiggle around and sleep with is feet in the air.  However, he likes to maintain a public persona with his alter ego … “Dr. Badass”.  He channels “Dr. Badass” whenever a camera is around … like this sibling photo …

McMuffin, be cool dude ... make them work for the smile.

He is trying to get McMuffin to find her alter ego and told her to study up on Zoolander for a little inspiration.

Blue Steel

She’s making progress … but truth be told she always defaults to her natural goofy face no matter how hard she tries.

But we must admit … Dr. Badass sure rocks a perfect pose during his sit-stay.

Just say the word and that little treat by my feet is a goner!


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6 thoughts on “Muggin’ like Zoolander

  1. Haha too funny! Love the Blue Steel look!

  2. mcmuffin is so cute … but i think she looks more like long john silver with her little squinty eye and grey whiskers … maybe you could get her a pirate hat and a gold earing, and teach her to say “aye matey”! and with those gorgeous brown eyes and black eyeliner, reese can be captain jack sparrow! a pair of pirates … haha!

  3. Love McMuffin’s blue steel face!

  4. Blue Steel is too funny. That should be the profile pic!

  5. I love that Blue Steel look!

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