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Grammy Red Carpet

Inspired by all the outrageous outfits from the Grammy’s last night, McMuffin decided to debut her new hoodie couture.

She loves the fact that not only does she look stunning … but this gown also doubles as the ultimate nap wear.


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4 thoughts on “Grammy Red Carpet

  1. stunning, mcmuffin! a wonderful color on you as well!

  2. What a super model! Havi has hers in pink!

  3. Jealous! I totally need to buy a couple of these hoodies! What size does McMuffin wear?

    • We were pretty unsure what size to get, so we just ordered one and hoped it would fit either Reese or McMuffin. It is an XL and is too big for McMuffin but she loves it anyway. It fits Reese better but is still too long so if he actually wore it out on a walk and had to pee it’d be all over him for the rest of the walk! We just use them for indoor hanging out anyway so they work great. McMuffin would probably be fine in a L and Reese is best in an XL (any smaller and his chest wouldn’t fit).

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