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Toasty Buns

I always think it’s funny to observe as a new dog figures out their routine when they come into an unfamiliar house.  You can see the wheels turning as they blend old habits with the new surroundings to make them feel comfortable.  It’s also pretty amazing to watch as the new dog mimics the old dog to make sure they are following the “house rules” and being the perfect little buddy for their humans.

McMuffin has done an absolutely awesome job fitting in with our family and it really makes us happy to see her so well acclimated.  Even more importantly, it gives up hope that when her forever family comes calling McMuffin will enjoy a similar transition into their home and fill the role as a perfect pittie in their family.

All these thoughts came to mind the other morning as I wandered down the hallway for my morning coffee.  There was McMuffin, soaking in the rays of the winter sun …

When I turned the corner to capture another picture, she checked in with Reese to make sure this was an okay thing to do on a lazy Sunday morning …

It's alright to calmy toast my buns in the sun ... right brudder?

And she was thrilled to see Reese doing the same thing … giving her confidence that she is doing just fine.

Toast away little McMuffin ... I'm working on my tan lines over here too.

And there they spent the morning … soaking in the February sun.

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5 thoughts on “Toasty Buns

  1. Love when pups lay in the sun….

  2. Always up for a little sunshine. What sweet pups.

  3. So, so adorable! I am glad she feels confident enough to toast her buns at your house!

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