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Neighborhood Watch

We moved into our new home about a year and a half ago … and fell in love with the large windows around our front door. They let in so much beautiful natural sun light. Reese also fell in love with the windows … but for a different reason. He figured out that by sitting on our landing he could watch as people walked past the house on their way to school or the neighborhood pool. It’s also the perfect spot to sun himself on a bright weekend morning.

When friends walk by the house Reese will give them a few barks to greet them and will peer out the window to get a better look. Since McMuffin is learning by observing here at Rancho Foster … we now have two pibble friends who are on neighborhood watch.

Muff this is the perfect place to spot neighborhood shenanigans

Since McMuffin is smaller than Reese … sometimes she has to switch spots to get a better view …

No worries brudder ... I can spot them from here!

She’s starting to resemble one of her famous crime fighting ancestors …

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6 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watch

  1. A riot – this is like love and a 6 foot leashes post today! pups love their windows!

  2. they are both so cute!

  3. Turk and Rufus love to peer out the window to observe the neighborhood goings-ons. I always feel safe with them on the job!

  4. We require that the dogs push the curtain aside to be able to see. Probably good because Luna likes to be a watchdog too, especially watching out for any of the 6 other dogs that live on property or vultures lol. One day I hope to have all that wonderful natural light pouring in that you do, but for now we live on yard level and I like my privacy.
    Nice to kinda-sorta meet you saturday, your dog Reese is amazingly striking, and McMuffin is pretty darn cute too. Now I don’t feel like as much of a blog stalker having at least seen you all in person.

    • Great to meet you too! And you can rest assured that you are not alone as a blog stalker … we have a whole family of online pets that we have never met but sure know a lot about and love to follow along!

      BTW … the pictures on your blog are fantastic!

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