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Foster Mom’s 5 Favorite Things About McMuffin

Foster Dad and I like to list our favorite things about Reese and McMuffin and are constantly finding new endearing traits. So here are my top 5 favorite things about McMuffin:

#5 … she has cute white paws and her toenails alternate white/black/white/black:

#4 … she tilts her head up and barks  talks to you when she’s excited for breakfast and when you get ready to take her for a walk.  It’s more of a raspy howl than a bark … and sometimes it has a hint of wookie.

#3 … she sits right next to me for “girl time” when I dry my hair in the mornings … I also think she likes the warmth of the hair dryer.  It’s similar to her love of sitting next to the heating vent when the furnace kicks on.

#2 … she loves her foster brother Reese and cuddles with him every chance she gets.

#1 … she is by far … hands down … the ULTIMATE cuddle bug! I’m telling you, this girl is a professional.  She’ll nuzzle next to you and it’s hard to ever want to get up from that spot!


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5 thoughts on “Foster Mom’s 5 Favorite Things About McMuffin

  1. That looks like the comfiest bed!

  2. it’s a ‘comfy couch’ from frontgate … a really great bed (and washable)!

  3. Love the alternating toe nails!

  4. Love those feet too! Luna is a heat seeker too (much like me), she will sometimes grace me with her head on my shoulder in the car… but she is not fooling anyone I know a large reason for it has to do with the heater being on. I am glad McMuffin fits in so well.
    Is McMuffin your first foster? I am late to your blog.

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