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dogs make our lives better

It’s been especially hectic here at The Ranch the past few days, with foster mom away at a conference and foster dad trying to juggle a few too many work/school/house/life projects.  Fortunately, the weekend came just in time and things slowly clicked back to the normal routine.

When I walked down the hall to get my cup of coffee, Reese and McMuffin had assumed their traditional morning positions.  Suddenly, I had a strong urge to join them for a little peaceful morning relaxation.  Rather than rushing off to the kitchen to get the day going, I took a plop down on the stairs and sat in the sun … not thinking about anything.

Alright if I toast my buns in the February sun with you for a minute, baby girl?

Nothing would make me happier foster dad ...

At moments like this, when everything is going 100 mph and you can feel the stress levels rising, there is nothing better than taking a little mental vacation to doggie daydream land.  And the great thing about it is it’s a two way street, because not only do I benefit from some much-needed relaxation … but I can assure you the only thing McMuffin likes more than a morning sun bath, is a morning sun bath with a little head scratch.


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5 thoughts on “dogs make our lives better

  1. Life would be better if we were more like our pups….

  2. Taking time to pet the pups and reflect : priceless

  3. They really really do…. 🙂 Great post.

  4. Very cute, I took a minute in the sun beam this morning with the girls 🙂

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