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Wheelbarrow Spaceship

First, I’ll start out with a little aside.  Why is it spelled “wheelbarrow” when everyone calls it a wheelbarrel?  Be honest, how many of you had no idea it was spelled “wheelbarrow” and we all just pronounce it incorrectly.  Just me … well then now I feel stupid (and I also don’t believe you all knew it)!  Moving on …

So the weather was beautiful this past Monday and I decided to get a head start on prepping the yard for Spring.  Not too much work to be done, but there were a ton of sticks all over the place (carefully dissected into a million little pieces by my Pittie Stick Chompin’ Crew) and some dirt to be moved.  As I gathered my tools to dig in, I noticed a strange absence around me.  Usually when I am out in the yard the pups are by my side, hoping a few treats will magically fall out of my pocket when I am bending and leaning.  At that moment, however, it was just me all alone.  Strange.

Well, it didn’t take long to find the two space cowboys off on their own adventure.

YEEEEEHAWWW ... check this thing out brudder!

“Where do you think the Kong dispenser button is?  I mean … something this awesome DEFINITELY has a built-in Kong dispenser, right?!?”

“Hold on, hold on … I think I see it!”

“Come on sisser … you are waaaayyyy to slow.  Let me in there so I can fly this thing!”

“Yeah right … you don’t know how to fly this spaceship.”

“Wanna bet … look at these ears … I can fly anything with these Dumbo wings!”

And so went on the amazing Wheelbarrow Spaceship Adventure.  It reminded me of little kids that end up playing with the cardboard boxes that all the expensive toys came in rather than the toys themselves.  These little dudes have like 25 Kongs, 13 Jolly Balls, an infinite number of Nylabones, lacrosse balls, Chuck It balls, tug toys, and all they want to do is fly to the moon in their wheelbarrelbarrow!


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3 thoughts on “Wheelbarrow Spaceship

  1. This is so funny, Havi would def have been scared of it.

  2. Turk is terrified of our wheelbarrow! Funny aside, I was made fun of for calling it a wheelbarrow instead of a “wheelbarrel.” Glad to know I was right. 😉

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