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Moo Cow

McMuffin appears to have a bit of cow in her DNA.  While at first glance you might guess that we came to this conclusion based on her black and white fur … however, I can assure you, there is another hint that is far more obvious.  McMuffin loves to eat grass.  Seriously, McMuffin LOVES to eat grass.

mmmmmm .... fence grass

mmmmm ... gnome tree grass

mmmm ... deck grass

mmmmm .... garden grass

She really sees no downside to spending the day chewing the cud.  It’s delicious and low calorie.

That is, until you accidentally eat a stink bug!

Awww dude ... what the heck was that?!?


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6 thoughts on “Moo Cow

  1. Hahah that last photo is priceless!

  2. Teresa on said:

    Lol I laughted my butt off when I saw her face. My boy does the same thing when he gets a hold of them or even when he sniffs them. That was too funny made my morning.

  3. Bahahaha!
    My 10 y/o pit is a dedicated grazer as well! Our toddler calls him the “cow puppy”.

    My other dog (ridgeback/boxer mix) only eats grass when his tummy is bothering him, and always hurls thereafter. However, he’s also thinks stinkbugs are a tasty snack, and finding stinkbugs for him to eat is a great source of entertainment for my daughter. The pit, after trying one, now has nothing to do them.

  4. suzi on said:

    remember how the beagles liked eating the 7-year locusts? we had to tie little sock muzzles on them when we went walking … haha …

  5. Angel on said:

    Haha! So cute!! I love McMuffin. =)

  6. Jenny on said:

    My girl also eats heaps of grass. I wondered if it was a habit from the first two years of her life when she had next to nothing.

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