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Grandma Guestpost: Reese’s thoughts on a special kind of love

First of all, let me tell you the best part … my Grandma loves me … a lot.  She let me up on the furniture and gave me tasty treats long before Dad allowed it, and even lets me sleep on the bed with her and Grandpa when I stay at their house.  Grandpa sometimes even moves to the couch if he thinks ‘I’ need more room!  Grandpa loves me too, and laughs when he wrestles with me on the floor … he’s pretty strong for an old guy!  Grandma buys the best toys, and also introduced me to the best game in the world … squirt the hose!  Even when Dad says, “don’t let him get all wet before we get in the car …”, Grandma sees the disappointment on my face and gives me an extra couple of squirts.

Grandma likes to work in her garden, and even though I like to dig in the dirt too, Grandma prefers that I sit on her front porch with the flowers.  That’s me and Sam.  Grandma can’t take the Christmas garland down because there are little birds nesting in it … I’m not allowed to bark at them.

Sam’s in heaven now, but we all remember her with a smile … she got in lots of trouble!

Grandma recently adopted Gracie, and she’s pretty cool too, but she doesn’t play much.  She’s happy just cuddling in her new forever home.

I know that if I’m patient while Grandma digs in the dirt, she will throw red ball for me in the back yard, and finish it off with a game of ‘squirt the hose’.

I have my own pool too, and Grandma throws my bone in there because she likes it when I blow bubbles!

Then it’s into the house for a nice rub down with a soft towel, and onto the couch for a happy nap.

In the winter, Grandma bundles me up in her favorite scarf …

and on especially chilly days, she makes a bed for me by the radiator with her favorite quilt.

So, that’s life at Grandma’s house … pretty sweet, huh?  Could life get any better than this?   I’m glad you asked, because “YES, it CAN!”  You see, I have two wonderful grandmas, and two wonderful grandpas, and they ALL love me the best … I know that because it says so on the tag Grandma gave me … see?



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3 thoughts on “Grandma Guestpost: Reese’s thoughts on a special kind of love

  1. Donna on said:

    It’s always fun to spoil the Grandbabies – K9 or otherwise

  2. this is amazing! i sooo loved this post! especially the tag – and the bed by the radiator!

  3. Janet in Cambridge on said:

    This has been one wonderful post. Good grandparents are the best thing in the world. They spoil you rotten because you deserve it. Can I come visit with your grandparents? Mine weren’t nearly so nice!

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