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must love snuggling

While there are tons and tons of reasons that we love McMuffin and are so happy we decided to bring her into our home as a foster pup, there is one particular trait that sticks out above the rest.  No matter what time of day, what other activities or distractions are present, sitting on the floor or on the couch, McMuffin ALWAYS wants to snuggle.  Not only does she want to snuggle, she also happens to be an expert at finding the optimum position.  Usually this position is beneficial for both the cuddler and cuddlee, however, we must admit there are times when she puts her wants ahead of yours and tries to lay across your face.  Unfortunately, we have yet to capture this in a photo … and actually it is surprisingly difficult to capture a snuggle with a camera, as it is usually just out of reach and who could disrupt this face …

So if anyone out there has a soft spot next to them just waiting to be occupied by a warm, cuddly, loving pittie … we’ve got your girl waiting right here with us.

In the mean time … we’re taking advantage of all the snuggle time we can get.



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  1. What a great quality!

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