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Dishwashing Extraordinaire

Few things bring the paws pitter pattering to the kitchen faster than the sound of the dishwasher opening.  Behind this door is a magical world full of delicious smells and food remnants that must be inspected to the fullest …

This is hard work for sure ... but somebody has to make sure everything is loaded properly!

mmmmm ... low sodium V8!

Don’t get me wrong … V8 is a good find, but it’s really not on the level of some other deliciousness found in the magic cave.   You know he has found the good stuff when crazy eye comes out!

Jackpot! Sauce stirring sticks!

Booyah! Quesadilla cheese stuck to the plate!


After slurping all surfaces, Reese turns to me and whispers in a loving manner … “your secret is safe with me Dad, and I promise I won’t tell Mom, but you really suck at pre-washing the dishes and I love you for it!”


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3 thoughts on “Dishwashing Extraordinaire

  1. haha … this is a good one! i once saw reese’s crazy eye when i let him lick the mashed potato beater … you’re lucky to have such a good helper!

  2. Havi rocks at this as well! Too cute!

  3. Donna on said:

    hahaha – that is hilarious. What a treat.

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