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keeping my end of the bargain

Foster dad got me all excited last night when he told me he has a few days off of work and we get to do all kinds of fun stuff while he is home.  As part of the deal, he made me promise to get extra rest and dream up lots of fun things to do so that we can take full advantage of our mini-break.  I don’t want to risk screwing this up so I’ve been trying really hard to keep up my side of the deal …

"I sure hope he is resting his throwing arm because I want to try to break the world lacrosse ball fetching record!"

So far I am the most excited about playing in the yard, eating all the new fresh grass that is popping up all over the place and needs tasting, sunbathing, eating ice cubes on the warm deck, and playing tug with my bro Reese.

However, I must also admit I am super pumped about another new trick foster dad promised to teach me.  See, he has been talking about some funny thing called “tiling the foyer”.  I’m not so sure what that means but I asked Reese, who is a real handy dog and professional DIY assistant, and he told me I’m going to learn all about mixing thinset, using a wet saw, grouting (which apparently is totally different from growling), and the most fun sounding of all … DEMO.  Reese learned all of this stuff last year when he helped renovate the bathroom and said it’s a lot of fun … plus he said dad will teach us a bunch of new four letter words when things don’t go “as planned” … can’t wait!


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2 thoughts on “keeping my end of the bargain

  1. Donna on said:

    Muffin got skillz. She’s a good helper.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how the tiling goes, McMuffin! But be careful not to repeat any of those four letter words you hear…those are for adults only! 😉

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