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Pittie Renovation Crew: Safety First

As I mentioned last week, it’s time for McMuffin to get her feet wet in the renovation biz because we do a lot of that around here and she might as well learn a little something while she is hanging around.  Reese is already ahead of her in his apprenticeship after helping me completely tear out and rebuild the hallway bathroom a few months ago.  In order to make sure he was paying attention and remembered the rules, I started out with a little test …

Reese, what is the first rule about renovating?

Safety first dude! Always rock out with your PPE in place ... that way we don't have to make ANOTHER trip to the doctor like when you didn't wear goggles at work and got a metal shaving stuck in your eyeball. If your trusty assistant had been there ... something like that NEVER would have happened!

Of course, Reese nailed the answer without hesitation.  I had every confidence that he would for two major reasons.  #1 … Reese is a smarty pants.  #2 … and even more so than #1 … Reese is a big time rules follower.  You set the rules and he follows, and he is even known to tattle on anyone not following the rules (like when Mom tried to sneakily break the no human food rule and give him a piece of popcorn, which he promptly carried into the other room where I was watching TV and dropped in my lap … rules are rules Mom).

Anyway, back to the story.  After Reese showed us all the proper first step, I asked him to help get McMuffin ready while I gathered supplies.

Ok McMuffin ... first you slide on your eye protection just like so.

Hahahahaha ... no way geek squad ... goggles are for losers and you look ridiculous ... I'm way to cool for that!

Daaaaad ... McMuffin won't put her goggles on ... (see, I warned you about the tattling)

After some strong convincing, McMuffin decided she would try them on … after all she didn’t want to miss out on the adventure.

Of course, a stickler like Reese has no tolerance for horsing around on his jobsite … so he immediately gave McMuffin the crazy eye when he caught her playing with toys.

Are you SERIOUS?? A toy ... we are working here!

As you can see, we have some competing personalities here.  It will be interesting to see who gives … will McMuffin straighten out and get down to business or will Reese have to chill out a bit and have a little fun along the way.  Only time will tell, stay tuned …


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9 thoughts on “Pittie Renovation Crew: Safety First

  1. Love this story!

  2. Donna on said:

    With a great mentor like Reese and a smart girl like Muffin, looks like you’ve got a winning team there.

  3. i love this one! you’ve got their personalities nailed!!! and the photos are the best!

  4. This. Is. Priceless.

  5. Reese looks so professional in those goggles – is Reese thinking of starting a construction crew?!

  6. He says it is his dream to one day run his own biz … however he is such a perfectionist he has too much difficulty delegating and ends up trying to do it all himself …

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