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Pittie Renovation Crew: Clean up

Sorry for the insane delay between posts … we are back from a little break and ready to bring the McMuffin and Reese show back into the blog world!

Last time we left off, McMuffin had just tapped into her skills as a master of demolition.  As most DIYers can attest to, demolition is the fun part of any construction project … but along with demolition comes everyone’s thorn in their side … clean up.  Being a first timer, McMuffin had no idea this tedious chore even existed.

New subfloor seems pretty sturdy to me ... joist span and flex are good to go ... what awesomeness is next?

Well McMuffin, I’m glad you asked … let me introduce you to my friend Mr. Shop Vac.

Whoa ... who invited this dude ... he seems so serious ... I'll keep my eye on him just in case he tries to get a little crazy ...

Turns out McMufin doesn’t mind clean up as much as I thought she would.  Reese hears Mr. Shop Vac belt out his menacing growl and tucks tail as he runs for the hills.  McMuffin definitely doesn’t like Mr. Shop Vac and probably wouldn’t invite him to share her bed for a bone chew session … but she doesn’t run and hide.  Once everything was all tidy and clean for the next stage, I let McMuffin and Reese lay claim to their first project together …



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6 thoughts on “Pittie Renovation Crew: Clean up

  1. Love that they go to write their names! Her ears are soooo far back next to that vacuum!

  2. Janet in Cambridge on said:

    All artists should sign their work.

  3. McMuffin is such a badass! She dislikes the shop-vac but isn’t afraid of it?! My hero!

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