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McMuffin and the mini-pool

Sunday funday here at The Ranch and we decided to break out a summer favorite … the mini-pool!  You might remember the mini-pool is a favorite of foster grandma when she is playing with Reese, however we have yet to see how McMuffin feels about it.  Well now we know … McMuffin is veeeery suspicious of the mini-pool and it’s sinister toy hoarding ways.

Well crap ... how am I supposed to get my ball back?

She was fairly puzzled about how to solve this dilemma …

First ... she tried to dig in from below.

Next she tried to paw the ball over to her and reach over without putting her feet in ... all that got her was a wet face and no ball.

The mini-pool took advantage of a distracted McMuffin and managed to hoard two more balls when she wasn’t paying attention.

way rude mini-pool ... waaaay rude

That’s when she called in for backup.

hey brudder ... what's the deal with this thing and how do you steal balls from it?

Reese gave her a quick pep talk on how to conquer the mini-pool and McMuffin was bobbing for lacrosse balls in no time.


It took an hour or so but McMuffin now is a champion at putting all four feet in the mini-pool and sticking her whole head underwater to retrieve her precious lacrosse balls … way to go girl!


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3 thoughts on “McMuffin and the mini-pool

  1. Donna on said:

    hahaha Cute – Muffin is such a baby and what a positive role model Reese is.

  2. haha … i’m sure when it gets reeeeally hot they’ll become great friends! boy, mcmuffin is looking really good … she and reese are in great shape!

  3. That is so funny! Turk and Rufus will have absolutely nothing to do with the mini-pool, even if it does steal their favorite toys. They are terrified of it.

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