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McMuffin is Adopted!

Given the rather sullen news lately regarding pit bull-type dogs in Maryland, we think it’s a perfect time to share some very exciting and happy news from here at The Ranch … McMuffin has found her forever home!

This sweet little girl first came to The Ranch in mid-December and since then we have been working hard to prepare her for the transition into her permanent loving home.  Our journey began with various attempts to work around an epic case of separation anxiety/fear of confinement.  Once a fresh routine was established we pushed further into learning new tricks, perfecting old tricks like fetch and drop it, gradually introducing her to foster brother Reese, and setting boundaries regarding human only and human + dog friendly furniture.  As the days went by, she grew more settled and began to show her hilarious personality and loving disposition.

Around this same time we started to piece together our fantasy adopting family that would be a perfect fit for little McMuffin.  Given how quickly she became attached to Reese, following him around, watching him for cues when she was unsure how to act, and providing key backup on all squirrel evicting missions in the yard, we really hoped to find a home with another dog for her to bond with.

In addition to this, McMuffin had displayed an affinity for one activity that she clearly valued above all others … cuddling.  There honestly is no way to make her happier than to gently lift the blanket you are using and invite her to burrow under (this situation is made infinitely more enjoyable if fresh from the dryer warm laundry is involved).  Once covered, a few seconds pass and without fail she lets out the final sigh before drifting off into her dream world.  Knowing how much she truly loved these moments, we knew that a family with four-legged friendly bed and couch policies would be ideal.

And finally, we knew that McMuffin came from a previous home with kids running around and loves to play.  If possible, a family with kids to dress her up in embarrassing outfits, slip her food from under the table, and read her stories before bed would be the cherry atop the fantasy adopting family criteria list.

After interviewing a few interested families here and there, each not working out for some reason or another, we finally found the perfect home for her … and it is right here with us!

We can’t wait to watch her and Reese grow closer together, look forward to many nights all curled up in bed as one big happy family, and with the hope of starting a family in the future, having McMuffin help raise our children as they learn the special bond a child is able to form with their four-legged sidekick.

This also means a break from fostering as we continue to work with McMuffin on her leash skills and various anxieties.  We have loved being involved with Jasmine’s House and look forward to staying involved in other capacities.  There are so many amazing programs they head up and we will have ample opportunity to remain active in the pittie world.  We also plan to stay heavily involved with Pittie Trails and continue progress on dog socialization in the community.  As for the blog, we plan to continue documenting our lives as pittie advocates/owners and hope there are still readers out there interested in following along.

Most importantly, it means we get to enjoy life with not one, but two permanent pittie rescues to bring smiles to our faces every day!

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24 thoughts on “McMuffin is Adopted!

  1. Oh my goodness your pups are Wolverines too! They rock! Go Blue!

  2. Teresa on said:

    Congratulations! I would find it hard to let her go also. Yeah McMuffin you have your forever family!

  3. suzi on said:

    you have made one foster grandma very happy! i’m looking forward to continuing to spoil both of my grandpitties!

  4. Wonderful! McMuffin is so cute and looks so happy in your home. Happy day!

  5. Donna on said:

    Awesome News!!! Sending my best to you all, always and we will definitely keep up with your blog. We truly do enjoying following along on your journey. Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring ❤

  6. Donna on said:

    Awesome News!!! Sending my best to you all, always and we will definitely keep up with your blog. We truly do enjoy following along on your journey. Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring ❤

  7. Joanie Hoffman on said:

    Major Congratulations! All the best to you guys!!! ❤

  8. What happy, happy, news! I did not see this coming, but I can’t imagine a better outcome for McMuffin! She fits so seamlessly with your family – she is going to flourish with you in the days, weeks, months, and years to come! Many happy congrats to you!

  9. devereux66 on said:

    Love it! I thought his might just happen and I am thrilled for all of you, especially that sweet pibble!

  10. Congrats! SO happy for you and McMuffin!

  11. Sometimes the ideal forever family is your own. I’m so happy we will get to see endless amounts of McMuffin here on the interwebs!

  12. Congratulations!! I admit you totally got me, didn’t see that one coming!

  13. Colleen on said:

    Congratulations!!! McMuffin stole your heart and home, how could you find another family for her as you are the perfect one?

  14. Thank you all so much for the awesome messages and support! We are so happy to have permanently added her to our family and look forward to sharing our stories with all of our blog friends!

  15. Eric on said:

    Since adopting our pit mix Jessie last year, I’ve become very interested in fostering or in adopting another, and McMuffin was right at the top of my list.

    I’ve been reading your blog for the last several weeks, and through your stories, I’ve frankly kind of fallen in love with McMuffin. I seriously considered trying to adopt her, but as I read more and more of your posts, I didn’t want to take her away from you guys!

    Reading your wonderful blog, I realized it would be way too hard for me, my wife, and my son to foster, since we would never want to let go of someone that had become as much of a family member as McMuffin clearly has for you. I wondered how you would possibly be able to let her go and I’m so glad you’ve decided not to!

    We actually adopted another dog this past weekend! Penny is very sweet, we’re thrilled to have her in the family, and I’m glad we don’t have to let her go, since she’s already found her forever home here with us.

    Enjoy your pack. Thank you for fostering and helping to advance the cause of Pit Bull rescue. I hope we’ll get a chance to meet you and your wonderful dogs on a Pitty Trails adventure soon.

    -Eric in Chantilly, VA

    • Thanks for the nice message Eric … and congratulations on your new pup Penny! That would be great if you could join us on a hike soon. Things have been very hectic lately so we haven’t been able to organize one but over the next few weeks we hope to be back up and running.

  16. on said:

    Really wish we could have adopted her, dumb PG county. When we met you guys I could tell how much you guys really cared for her and knew it would be hard for you to let her go. Well now you do not have to and she will not lose another strong bond in such a great home. Congratulations, this was the best decision for you guys, Reese and Muffin. Best wishes . The Weber Family.

    • As happy as we are that she will be with us forever, we would have been very confident in the loving home your family would have given her. In the end, it worked out for the best because now two dogs have found their forever homes. I hope everything is going well with your family and your new pup!

  17. Allison on said:

    So excited that you guys are adding McMuffin permanently to your family! She looks like a total sweetie and if we lived any closer, I would have snatched her up myself. Luke and I are always talking about how she reminds of our sweet Olive Oyl. Luke was the one that wanted us to adopt pits, and now I can’t imagine owning any other dog! Spread the pittie love!

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