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New Collar Tiiiiiiiiime

When we started fostering we had no idea if we would get a girl or a boy, so we decided to start off with a run-of-the-mill neutral red collar.  No flash … no excitement … just red.  McMuffin rolled into our lives and on went the collar.  It was hers and it made her feel at home, so all was good.  However, over the past few months we noticed that she was a little jealous of Reese’s snazzy Island Pup Collar from Sirius Republic.

Well now that she is an official member of the family, it was time to upgrade her to something a little fancier and just more McMuffin in general.  After pouring over the awesome patterns available, we settled on a nice springtime collar for our little girl.

Not to be outdone … Reese convinced us it was time to expand his wardrobe as well.  Lucky dude got to add a new style to his collection as well!

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13 thoughts on “New Collar Tiiiiiiiiime

  1. Havi is beyond jealous!

  2. Danemom on said:

    I love your sweet blog! 🙂 (I hate Maryland’s judiciary system!)

  3. Janet in Cambridge on said:

    Like, tewtally stylin’! Really, excellent choices.

  4. I love the Heidi collar! Looking goooooooooood, McMuffin! And you are quite dapper yourself, Reese!

  5. ooooh I love them both. Amazing how much Reese’s changes his look! Puts a whole new spin on his personality impression. I love the one you picked for Muffin, great pattern and colors for her.

    I have recently updated Luna’s wardrobe 3 times over in the past month. I blame it on a fellow V owner friend and her new collar business. But we are done for a while at least, till the next cute ribbon comes out lol.


  6. suzi on said:

    now all mcmuffin needs is a stylish hat! hahaha …

  7. Lookin’ gooooooooooooooooooood! I so LOVE the Heidi collar, I’m just waiting for the perfect foster to get it for! 🙂 Reese’s two collars are the two we have for our boys – Cooper in Island Pup, and Oscar in Orange Argyle. I love changing their collars with the season! Congratulations on your first Sirius Republic collar, McMuffin!

  8. Donna on said:

    Awesome choices. I know they’ll wear them proudly too.

  9. Great choices! I too have been eyeing the Heidi…not that we really need any more.

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