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Professional Fetcher

One of my favorite things to do when I get home is head out to the yard and play fetch with my girl McMuffin.  It’s nice to engage in a mindless activity in the fresh air after a day at the office.  Lucky for me, McMuffin is arguably the greatest fetcher I have ever played with.  Her dedication to retrieving no matter where the ball goes (even if it gets lodged under the spider filled deck or scary rotating composter), speed and enthusiasm for bringing the ball back as fast as physically possible, and no-nonsense drop-ball-at-your-foot/back-up-sit/wait-for-next-toss without even needing a command make her an ideal partner.

It’s sorta hard to capture the spirit of this exchange with a camera while she is flying around at top speed, but I gave it a shot and this is what I ended up with.  Before I go any further, I would like to formally thank McMuffin for her patience.  She takes fetch very seriously and didn’t totally appreciate my attempt to multi-task during such a sacred activity, however, she did her best to let me try.

Step #1:  I begin with the standard command … “Alright dudette, what are you waiting for?  Where’s your ball?”  And off she goes to find it in the yard.

crap … where is that thing hiding this time … I bet Reese buried it somewhere …

Step #2:  Ball located … time to rock.  “Come on fosterdad, let’s do this thing!”

here is my ball … I love it very much … now throw it as far as you can!

And then the fun begins …


gooooot iiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt!

oops … fumble

Here are a few other favorites of mine …

Who said my ears look funny?


One thing I have noticed is that she will never stop playing on her own.  At first I figured she must be fine since she never slowed down … that night I had to carry her to bed a few hours later when her sore legs couldn’t seem to find their own way.  Her tail wagged the whole time loving the extra dad attention and fancy personalized bed delivery, but I knew I had overworked the poor girl and felt bad.  Since then we made a few tweaks to our routine (no more throwing from the deck to prevent her from leaping and making hard impact with the ground as she darts off) and I try to limit the number of tosses.

So far it’s going well and I think it is better for her in the long run … doesn’t make it any easier to say “ok sweet girl, that’s enough for today”  with this face looking at you …

One more dad … please?

Who am I kidding … she always gets one more toss out of me.

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14 thoughts on “Professional Fetcher

  1. suzi on said:

    and i’m guessing that reese is busy trying to get steal a jolly ball from the toy box while you are distracted? i’m looking forward to seeing the grandpups this weekend!

  2. Such pure happiness on her face. What a sweetie. I bet she always gets her way when she looks at you with those big brown eyes!

  3. Mandy on said:

    That’s how our pup is! He could just keep going, and going, even when his tongue seems close to falling out his mouth because he’s breathing so hard. Always wants one more toss! 🙂

  4. Rebecca on said:

    She is just the most joyous, adorable creature ever!

  5. Donna on said:

    hahaha she’s no quitter.

    Her sit, back up and wait skills were largely developed when the children would throw the ball to her. She is definitely more gentle around children but if you want it rough, she’s always up for that too.

  6. She is the cutestttt!

  7. She is too sweet! I am so glad you two decided to keep her! How is Reese handling the news that his foster sister is now his permanent sister?

  8. Our Maggie is an expert fetcher too. She’s managed to perfect the block out of her lil bro while simultaneously rolling the ball right between my feet so he doesn’t have a chance to steal it. Skills she has! Sounds like McMuffin’s right up her alley!

  9. Great shots! She looks like quite the fetcher, Wyatt loves it too. Might I ask what setting you were using to shoot these photos? I find the running straight to you shots are the hardest to get sharp, and you did a great job.

  10. Fishing In The Fields on said:

    i wasnt sure if you had 200 followers or less, so i gave you the liebster award anyway!

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