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And we’re back!

We apologize for being MIA over the past month or so … we’ve been super busy here at the Ranch. We’re looking forward to blogging again more regularly this summer and to catching everyone up with the adventures of Reese and Muffin. Here are a few things that have happened since we last blogged:

1. We attended Hon Fest with Jasmine’s House┬áto promote pitbull dog adoptions and to raise money for the care of the foster dogs. It was a SUPER hot day in Baltimore, so the Jasmine’s House adoptable dogs did not attend. However, we did have a baby pool and water bowl for those four legged friends that were in attendance with their people.

This sweet puppy came over to cool off in the baby pool and made a furry friend

This pair is trying to win the award for “best hon”

2. The positive part of #2 is that we ended up with a beautiful new subaru outback. The scary part of #2 is that fosterdad got hit by a utility truck that totaled his jeep the day before his 30th birthday. Luckily he just had some bruises and swelling and didn’t have any serious injuries. Also we were lucky that no pitties were present for the accident and they FULLY approve of their sweet new ride! They have been begging for a family camping trip ever since the car pulled into the driveway!

3. Fostermom successfully defended her Master’s Thesis and is officially a School Psychologist!:) Now time to work on that dissertation and graduate!!

4. We attended several friends’ weddings. One of which took us back to Ann Arbor. GO BLUE!:)

Fosterdad standing proud!

5. Fostermom and fosterdad just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary! We were lucky enough to be able to spend 4 days at Rocky Gap Lodge in Cumberland, Maryland. This is a beautiful state park here in Maryland and offers amazing hiking trails and water sports. We actually saw a momma and 2 cub black bears on our hike. We were a little frightened in the moment but are so grateful to have been able to witness such beautiful creatures.

Taking deep breaths after having just seen 3 bears!!

Such a beautiful view!

Hope everyone has had a good start to their summer!

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