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Bully Sticks!

McMuffin here to tell you that our mom just gave us the BEST surprise everrrrr! So she walks in from the grocery store with her packages as usual and she looked at us with a big smile. Reese leaned over and told me that mom had some special treats for us so we scooted up the stairs sniffing her packages.

Then … as soon as all those useless groceries were put in that cold box she reached in the bag and took out 2 brand new bully sticks just for us!! We thought … what the heck is a bully stick … but man did it smell gooooood!!

We took them to our corners and did some lick lick licking and some chomp chomp chomping … and they were so yummy!

Sometimes I closed my eyes to really taste all those delicious flavors!

Then … you will never believe it … Reese finished his before I did so he stood over me like a turkey vulture supervising me finish my bully stick!

Next time chew yours slower brudder!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Summer is for Sprinklin’

Reese and McMuffin are pretty bummed the local pool has a no pups policy and are growing rather bored of the makeshift baby pool in the back yard.  So what can we do to cool off, keep them exercising, and make ourselves laugh at the same time?


We ran to Home Depot and picked up a trio of sprinkler fun to see what they thought of the various options out there.  Then we decided to rank the sprinklers according to three distinct criteria:  1)  most fun for the pitties, 2)  most durable, and 3) most fun for the humans to watch.

Reese has long been a big, big fan of the hose.  He gets all prancy and excited when he sees us walking in that direction and even the sound of us turning the faucet when he is inside sends him running to the door.  In the past, we had tried to set up a sprinkler for him but he wanted absolutely no part of this evil contraption that disrespectfully spit in his direction.   Lucky for him, his new badass sister is around to show him the ways of true badassedness.

We started off with the oscillator:

This was awesome.  I mean, I could barely take video without laughing hysterically in the background.  Who knew McMuffin was a water ballerina??

The second sprinkler was of the fast spinner variety:

Reese took charge of this one to show it who is boss.  However, the little energizer sprinkler kept valiantly defending itself and spitting all over them.

Finally, we went to the good ol’ gun sprinkler:

By this point, the Reese/McMuffin tag team had figured things out and were NOT going to be defeated.  This coordinated effort resulted in quick defeat of the sprinkler.  All business.  It lasted about a minute before it was a mangled mess on the grass.

All in all, we think the oscillating sprinkler is the big winner.  Reese seemed happy to bounce in and out of the zone while McMuffin twirled her little pittie butt all around the yard dancing to the water gods.

Which one do you think they liked best?

Summertime naps

It has been HOT HOT HOT here in the DC area over the past week. Reese and Muffin have decided that summertime heat calls for lots of napping in the air conditioning. They requested to use today’s post to teach  everyone all of the ways to take a comfy summertime nap. Here they are:

You can nap on the couch on top of pillows

You can nap across multiple dog beds with your favorite bone shaped pillow to support your head.

You can nap under blankets with one foot out … We see you in there Reese!

You can nap on top of dad while he is napping.

And you can squish yourself into the corner of the couch for a nice mid-day nap.

Reese and Muffin wish everyone happy naps and a wonderful 4th of July!

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