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If you have any questions about our fosters or any other aspect of our blog, please leave a comment on our webpage or feel free to contact us at:

runningwithsquirrels (at) gmail (dot) com

If you would like to submit an application to adopt, please contact our foster organization:

Jasmine’s House

info (at) jasmineshouse (dot) org

6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Janice Hellzen on said:

    Just found your blog this morning. We are interested in foster a pitbull through a local rescue group in Minnesota and I just love you blog and reading about your experience. We already have two dogs. An older lab mix and a somewhat old (12 but acts 5) wheaton terrier. We are somewhat worried about how the terrier would adapt to a new dog so we have decided to only consider male dogs. The more I learn and read about pitbulls the more I love them!! Thank you for your blog and sharing your story.
    Do you know if Jasmine House will adopt down on the Delmarva Peninsula?My daughter and son in law live in Salisbury and are considering adopting. Thank you!

    • Hi Janice,

      Thank you for your kind note! That is really great that you are considering fostering a pit bull type dog. They desperately need all the help they can get finding loving forever homes and fostering is a great way to promote that transition. If you decide to take the next step and foster, I highly encourage doing a little research on how to introduce a foster dog into your family. Everything from selecting a good temperament to fit with your family, to the baby steps of introduction and integration in the household make a huge difference and can really help set the foster dog up for success. BAD RAP has some great info on their website and there are plenty of other resources online. I would also recommend talking with your foster organization to see if they have any advice. Building a little network of experienced foster parents really helps!

      If you have any more specific questions about pit bull type dogs or fostering in general, please feel free to email me and we can chat in more detail.

      Regarding adoption with Jasmine’s House, please email them using the address above and they can provide all of the info you are looking for. They are really helpful and respond very quickly. If for some reason you have any trouble, just let me know.

      Thanks again for reading our blog and good luck!

  2. Katherine Pitts on said:

    i just saw your indestructible toy post. i have a rescued female pittie who is all about the ball. she is addicted so i am looking for new things to entertain her. what size jolly ball did you get mcmuffin? both your babies are cuties. and thanks for all you do for the pitties.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      We have experimented with Jolly Balls of all different sizes. The one featured in the indestructible toy is a 10 inch Jolly Pet Teaser Ball. It is a little different than all the other Jolly Balls in that it is made of very hard plastic. It has held up really well but I would recommend only using it as an outdoor toy. The plastic is hard and I can only imagine the scratches on the floor and noise it would make indoors.

      The other Jolly Balls are a softer plastic that flexes when they bite them. We have tried the 6, 8, and 10 inch sizes. All of the handles get ripped off immediately but the rest of the ball keeps its form for a while. McMuffin likes the 8 inch the best, but Reese is partial to the 10 inch.

  3. Rebecca on said:

    Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your blog. I didn’t have a pittie for the longest time, so was definitely a “lurker”. But, I’ve finally adopted the most hilarious little girl (she reminds me of McMuffin, in fact) and am so in love with her! Could not imagine a more fantastic little dog.

    I’m writing b/c I got little duck an easy walk harness, which has been great other than rubbing on her little armpits. I seem to recall a picture of McM with protective tape of some kind on her gentle leader. I can’t find the post anywhere. Could you please remind me again what you use to keep the fur from rubbing off her little nose? Thank you so much. Can’t wait to keep reading!

    Rebecca (and the as-yet unnamed dog) 🙂

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