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Current Foster

Hi friends, my name is McMuffin!

I’m a 6 year old (born November 24, 2005) girl that is spayed, completely housebroken, quiet, loving, and incredibly well behaved.  My previous family had to move and couldn’t take me with them, but lucky for me the nice people at Jasmine’s House found a foster home where I can stay until I find my new forever family.

I am about 50 lbs. and people tell me I am blind in my right eye.  I was born that way so I don’t really know what the difference is, but sometimes I do cut corners a little too short and bump into a wall or coffee table.  I have a really beautiful, short coat of black hair (white on my chest and toes), which is cool because I barely shed at all.  My foster brother Reese has similar hair but he sheds a lot, so foster mom always tells me how nice it is that she barely has to vacuum when it’s just me hanging out.

My previous family had two young children and also hosted daycare, so I am really great with kids and remain perfectly calm even when there is chaos around me.  I do like to give lots of kisses but I am learning how to show my love in less slobbery ways.  I live with a 4 year old male dog Reese and we get along great!  I am a little too curious with cats and small dogs, so it would be best for me to find a home with bigger dogs.  Of course, I would also be happy to be an only child and get all of your attention to myself!

I do have a little bit of separation anxiety and a phobia of being confined to a small space, so I would be absolutely thrilled to find a family where someone is home a lot of the time.  However, my foster parents both work full time so I have been practicing spending time alone and am doing really well.  We learned that crates are very scary for me, but I do wonderful just being left alone in the house.  I just nap on the couch until they get home and haven’t had a single issue in over 2 months!  I especially love it if you let me listen to soothing music while you are gone.

I am an expert at playing with toys and love to chew on bones … and the best part is I know the difference between toys and other stuff so I never chew anything I am not supposed to.  My foster parents said they are amazed at how well behaved I am in the house.  I usually just lounge in my bed and alternate between snoring and playing with my toys.

Want to teach me tricks?  I am super smart.  I already know how to sit, stay, fetch (I will even drop the toy at your feet, back up, and sit until you throw it again) and come.  I really hope someone will teach me to high five soon … I’ve seen other dogs do it and they look so cool!

Well, that’s enough about me for now.  I can’t wait to find my new family so that I can be their loving, loyal, and happy pet!

3 thoughts on “Current Foster

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  2. I don’t know how I haven’t realized this before, but McMuffin has so many similarities to our foster Delaynie. I mean, it’s uncanny. Delaynie’s got more of a short stubby nose, but the body shape and coloring are so close! She even has the same adopt me vest.

  3. I love when we find separated-at-birth pittie twins … Delaynie is a good lookin’ little pup!

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