Running with Squirrels

fostering dogs that need it most


After going through our own adoption experience and bringing Reese into our home, we were absolutely shocked to see the number of pit bull type dogs that need help.  What kind of help do they need?  The list goes on and on … they need help battling an undeserving stereotype caused by the actions of irresponsible owners and sensational media.  They need help escaping crowded shelters that cause overwhelming stress in pit bull type dogs that thrive on human interaction accompanied by physical and mental stimulation.  They need help securing a venue to display their strengths as loyal, entertaining, loving, and compassionate members of a family.  And the list continues …

So what can be done about it?  A few years after rescuing Reese, we decided it might be time to find another dog from the shelter to add to our family.  However, around that same time we also came across an online community of advocates that had a different, more ambitious idea; to foster pit bull type dogs and find forever homes for them by showing people how they can be integrated into their families and fit into their lifestyles.  You can find our inspirations for fostering, and this blog, under the “Blogroll” list on the right of our webpage.  We are making a humble effort to join in this community and make a difference.  It feels great to be a part of, even though we are just beginning, and we look forward to growing as the journey continues.  But most importantly, we look forward to finding loving homes for these deserving pets!

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