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Resident Pittie Expert

We decided to get our first dog in October 2008.  Not sure what breed we wanted, we thought it might be fun to check out the local dog shelter and see if there were any pups that caught our eye.  So off we went to the Montgomery County Humane Society, full of excitement and a little nervousness.  As we walked down the aisles looking at the sad eyes that followed our every move, we came upon a little guy who for some unknown reason grabbed our attention.  After a brief run in the side yard, we went to the front desk to find out some more info on “Reese”.

On top of his evaluation form was a smiley face and a review we could hardly believe!  The evaluator had great things to say about him and the only complaint from the previous owner that dropped him off was he is “too big”.  Right then we decided to fill out an application to bring him home with us forever.  A trip to the vet and a home visit later, a confused, skinny and scared Reese Bernard Manganese Frankenstein entered our lives for good on October 14, 2008.

Hi, I'm Reese .... who the heck are you? And more importantly, when is dinner ... I'm staaaaaaarvin'!

And so began our journey … one that has been so much more rewarding, fun, and emotional than we ever could have imagined.  Reese has since put on a few pounds, gained a lot of confidence, settled down, and taught us more about ourselves and pit bull type dogs than we thought possible after first setting eyes on that scared little face at the shelter.

Since then, Reese has met and learned from his wise Aunt Sam about how to keep an eye on the neighborhood …

You talkin' to us?

Mastered the art of running in the sand, diving in waves, and crashing his parents engagement pictures …

Photo courtesy of Liz Hough Photography

Taught his adopted Aunt Gracie that all dogs aren’t scary and nothing is better than snuggling on the couch for a nap …

And now he can’t wait to help us open our lives to other pitties that need to be shown that the world is a wonderful place and there is a perfect family out there just waiting for them!

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