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Foster dad tricked us a few weeks ago by talking up these magical things called Bowl Games and then turning it into a totally lame photo op.  Reese and I are onto his stupid little games, and so this time when he started to get all excited about the “playoffs” we knew not to get too pumped up. Boy were we wrong …

“Playoffs” involve loading up the fireplace, cooking delicious food, and lounging on the couch … all things we love doing!  But the best part of all, we get to be the halftime entertainment!  We went out back and after a brief intro to the rules we shook paws and Reese and I played a little football of our own.  Reese won the coin toss and started with the ball … and that is when I showed them a little something.  See I just pretended to be a newbie when they were explaining the rules but the truth is I am a freaking BEAST at football.  Immediately, I stole the ball and was ready to show them my offensive playbook …


Once I had the ball I went to work …

red kong ... black kong ... sit-stay .... HIKE!

Boom … first play … triple option QB keeper for a touchdown!

Shabazz ... McMuffin in the house!

It didn’t get any easier for Reese.  I ran circles around him and won 124-0.  He didn’t even know what happened …

Wow ... she got game.

Reese is a quick learner, so who knows if I will always be able to whoop him this badly … but for now I am basking in my glory and enjoying the second half on the couch!


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11 thoughts on “Playoffs?!?!

  1. Im cracking up! GO McMuffin Go!

  2. 124-0?!?! That sounds like running up the score, McMuffin – don’t you know you are supposed to let the other team at least feel like they have a chance?! 🙂 You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise people might think

  3. OMG this is too funny!!!

  4. LOL! Resse looks completely stunned by the ending of the game!

  5. oh McMuffin, who knew you were such an athlete?! You can get her next time Reese!!

  6. its okay, reese … come to grandma’s house for some hugs …

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